Our story

Our story is fairly straight-forward, although it took some time to evolve to a stage where we’re happy to share it in this medium. We have a wide range of management and marketing experience gained over more than 25 years. After helping many long-standing clients in lots of ways, we’ve come to realise that the things we do well are simply the things we’re passionate about.

What are we passionate about? That’s easy.

What’s more, some of our best work has involved a number of these skills. What’s in it for you?
That’s easy too! Read what some clients say about how we’ve helped them.

Who we are

Kathleen Singleton and Michele Rosengren are the partners of Eliquent Business Consulting in Brisbane. We’ve worked in a range of business organisations and are proud of this track record. As consultants, dozens of businesses have trusted us to help them grow and develop their business and their people. We like to think we repay that trust by becoming deeply entrenched in each of our client’s businesses as though it were our own. We know our success and reputation depends on yours.