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ELIQUENT Life Sciences Announces Expanded Platform of Due Diligence Solutions

Expert Insight & Trusted Guidance Tailored to the Unique Needs of the Life Sciences Industry

WASHINGTON, DC – ELIQUENT Life Sciences, a global regulatory consulting firm, today announced an expanded portfolio of due diligence services tailored to the unique needs of the life sciences industry.

A trusted partner to life science innovators, ELIQUENT’s expanded due diligence platform leverages the unmatched experience and robust institutional knowledge of the firm’s regulatory experts to empower decisions and drive value.

“ELIQUENT is built on the powerful alliance of six global life science consultancies – this fusion of capabilities and expertise created a best-in-class solution for life science innovators. ELIQUENT’s expanded platform of due diligence solutions delivers the same valuable insight for companies considering life sciences transactions,” said Tim Dietlin, Chief Executive Officer, ELIQUENT Life Sciences.

Due Diligence Solutions
ELIQUENT’s multidisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly throughout the product lifecycle to identify and assess both expected and unexpected regulatory risks. The firm’s due diligence solutions are more than a compilation of public data – ELIQUENT’s unprecedented assembly of regulatory leaders, industry experts, and technical specialists offer a rare blend of perspectives developed as leaders in both the public and private sectors.

When performing risk assessments, ELIQUENT professionals take into account business objectives, transaction timelines, and the industry and regulatory landscape. Investors are provided with extensive research, regulatory history assessments, and recommendations on the path forward for potential deals that require regulatory risk analyses before and after decisions and transactions. This comprehensive approach ensures that risks are reflected in the transaction’s structure, timing, and disclosure schedules.

ELIQUENT’s expanded due diligence services support strategic decision making for both buy-side and sell-side transactions. By contextualizing more than regulatory risks and opportunities, ELIQUENT experts guide companies to identify key milestones, develop roadmaps to deploy resources, and identify opportunities to generate the data essential for successful regulatory outcomes.

ELIQUENT’s expert teams evaluate a company’s pipeline or specific asset in the areas of medical product development; quality and compliance systems; product manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain; adverse event reporting; marketing and promotion; and market intelligence. The result is an unbiased expert analysis identifying and contextualizing a target company’s key regulatory risks, opportunities, and a roadmap for how to manage and mitigate risks in order to achieve desired regulatory outcomes.

Unmatched Expertise
With decades of experience in senior positions at the FDA, global regulatory authorities, and throughout industry, ELIQUENT’s team of professionals deliver the foremost strategic and technical insights across markets, pathways, and global regulations.

ELIQUENT delivers comprehensive solutions that support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and combination product companies and investors across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The firm’s expanded due diligence service offering is supported by the following expert teams:

Regulatory Affairs:
ELIQUENT’s premier team of life science experts work as teams specializing in drugs and biological products, medical devices and combination products, and advanced therapies. Together, the regulatory affairs team provides strategic and technical guidance on product development, regulatory review, and postmarket requirements across therapeutic areas, modalities, and global markets.

Quality & Compliance:
ELIQUENT provides services that are recognized as best in class by companies seeking to strengthen their quality management systems. Experts specialize in corporate quality and compliance systems; FDA inspections, communication, and enforcement processes; and the complete spectrum of compliance and enforcement-related actions.

Talent Solutions:
ELIQUENT’s comprehensive capabilities are amplified by a network of ready to deploy professionals with an expansive range of expertise. The hand-picked global consultant network supports and enhances ELIQUENT’s due diligence solutions by delivering the expertise, credentials, and language- or region-specific skill set clients need to unlock success.

About ELIQUENT Life Sciences
ELIQUENT Life Sciences is the fusion of six global regulatory consultancies: Validant, Greenleaf Health, DataRevive, Oriel Stat-a-Matrix, RApport Global, and IDEC. ¬-ELIQUENT team works cross-functionally to deliver the global solutions that pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies need to gain and maintain authorization for the products. ELIQUENT’s comprehensive services support innovators across therapeutic modalities, phase-based pathways, and major global markets. ELIQUENT’s continued growth is supported by GHO Capital, the European specialist investor in healthcare.

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