Lorna Griffin

Co-Chief Executive Officer, RApport


Co-CEO & Head of Development

Lorna Griffin is the co-Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of RApport Global Scientific Services, headquartered near London. In addition to her executive duties at RApport, Lorna serves on the Board of Directors at ELIQUENT Life-sciences. In her capacity as Co-CEO, she has been instrumental in guiding RApport’s transformation into a highly respected regulatory advisory team, instilling confidence in clients for strategic collaboration throughout their intricate regulatory journeys.

With an impressive 40-year career in regulatory affairs, Lorna is a seasoned professional known for her profound strategic insight. Her expertise spans diverse therapeutic areas, providing valuable insights into product development and adept navigation of complex regulatory pathways. Particularly skilled in guiding clients through the translational phase and strategically orchestrating their regulatory trajectory, Lorna excels in preparing clients for interactions with regulators, using her extensive experience to create personalized mitigation plans. She finds fulfilment in actively fostering her clients’ realisation of regulatory success, positioning them for strategic approvals in the competitive commercial landscape.

Over her extensive consultancy career of more than 25 years, Lorna has amassed a wealth of scientific expertise, demonstrating a deep understanding across the development lifecycle. Her multifaceted experience covers a broad range of products, offering a comprehensive perspective on regulatory challenges and opportunities within various innovative and transformative treatment modalities. Lorna has successfully navigated intricate regulatory landscapes associated with pharmaceuticals and biologics, showcasing her expertise in diverse therapeutic categories such as oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, rare diseases and more. This extensive background positions Lorna as a seasoned professional capable of providing nuanced insights and strategic guidance tailored to the unique intricacies of each therapeutic field. Her exceptional understanding of legislative frameworks further emphasizes her ability to navigate the regulatory environment with precision, ensuring that clients benefit from a well-informed and strategic approach to product development and regulatory compliance.

Beyond her role at RApport, Lorna is passionate about guiding the next generation of strategic leaders. Actively participating in educational programs, delivering guest lectures, and joining industry conferences, she shares her valuable insights, fostering the ongoing evolution of regulatory management practices. Lorna extends her wealth of expertise as a Fellow of TOPRA and a Chartered Scientist, playing a pivotal role in advancing regulatory knowledge. Acknowledged for her unwavering commitment to excellence, she additionally serves as a professional trainer, providing comprehensive guidance across all aspects of regulatory strategy.

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